3 Benefits of Metal Residential Roofs

Homeowners who are considering new roofs can choose from an array of materials, yet many decide on metal panels or shingles. Modern metal roofing systems bear little resemblance to the standard metals used on commercial buildings. Contractors offer a variety of stunning products that increase home values and enhance energy efficiency. Metal roofs can be installed more quickly than many other materials and are extremely durable.

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

When contractors install metal roofing systems, they create air pockets between roof decks and the adjacent materials. Air channels through the pockets and acts as extra insulation. It seals in air conditioning and heating, which means that homeowners in any climate lower their energy costs. Metals absorb less heat than traditional materials such as asphalt. They are much more solar reflective. Homes remain cool, which helps to control air conditioning expenses during the hottest months.

Metal Roofing Is a Smart Investment

Although high-quality metal roofs are more expensive than some other materials, they are far more cost effective in the long run. Contractors can offer metal panels in a range of beautiful colors and styles. Once installed, panels have a seamless, eye-catching look that increases curb appeal and often attracts buyers. Metal roofs increase home values between 1% and 6%. They are pest, moss, and mildew resistant, so little maintenance is needed. Owners also avoid the costs of repairs. Metal roofs include warranties that can usually be transferred to new owners. Roofing systems are so durable they often outlast homes.

Metal Roofing Installs Quickly

Contractors can install metal roofs quickly, sometimes without tearing off existing roofing materials. Metal is light and ideal for new construction since builders need to add fewer roof support members. Materials are made in panels or multi-shingle sections, which also speeds installation. Experienced contractors can seamlessly apply metal roofs quickly in emergencies, such as when poor weather is expected. During installation, contractors use fewer workers and spend less time than usual, so customers save money.

Residential metal roofs are becoming popular among homeowners who want to increase property values and make homes more energy efficient. Metal roofs are also beautiful, quick to install, and durable.

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