What A Potential Buyer Should Expect During A Home Inspection

The process of buying a home isn’t for the faint of heart, as it is time-consuming and filled with a plethora of unexpected challenges. One of the most significant hurdles to overcome is the home inspection, as a homeowner will receive information regarding every aspect of the home that is in disrepair and requires upgrades. Rather than going into the inspection process blind, more potential buyers are choosing to do a bit of research and empower themselves with knowledge of what this stage of the buying process entails.

Exterior Examination

A licensed inspector will usually start by examining the exterior components for signs of wear and tear. They will seek to identify any damaged elements that reduce the environmental protective qualities of a home, which includes looking at the siding, windows, roof, gutters, and recognizing any signs of leaks or water intrusions. While a client doesn’t need to be available for the inspection, it is a good idea to be present to ask questions.

Interior Examination

Next, they will make their way indoors and examine the structural, electrical, and plumbing components of the home. The examination includes testing all appliances and outlets and ensuring proper grounding protocols in accordance with local codes. Also, they will examine the foundation of the building and look for any signs of settling that may jeopardize the overall integrity of the house in the future.

Final Report

After the inspection, the client will receive a report that outlines all of the various findings. A majority of real estate deals include a contingency so that a buyer may back out if the cost of repairs is higher than a predetermined amount. The Realtor may also use the report as additional leverage and utilize it to request a lower sale price or to acquire cash for the buyer at closing.

An inspection is designed to give a buyer peace of mind and help alleviate the guesswork associated with purchasing a new property. American Certified is a leading provider of property inspections in the Hawaiian islands and will work with a client to make sense of any issues that are detected. Visit their site to learn more about the benefits of an inspection or call today to schedule an on-site examination.

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