What Every Parent Should Know About Child Custody in Oklahoma

Every parent should be aware of child custody laws in the state of Oklahoma. Although a marriage may appear to be on solid footing, things can change in an instant. How often does one spouse say they didn’t know the other was unhappy? It’s in situations such as this that knowledge becomes power. Furthermore, once a divorce has been finalized, each parent needs to know their rights and responsibilities under the law. For this reason, a person may wish to speak to a child custody lawyer (http://divorceattorneystulsa.net/tulsa-oklahoma-child-custody-lawyers/) to ensure full access to their children at all times.

Best Interests of the Child

When resolving any matter involving a child, the courts look at what is in the best interests of the child. The physical and moral well-being of the children is considered at this time. However, the courts also look to see which parent is more likely to ensure the children maintain contact with the other parent also, as kids need both parents when growing up.


In some situations, a court may grant sole custody to one parent. However, the preferred option is joint custody where both parents have a say in the raising of the children. A plan must be submitted to the court when this is the case and it must contain certain elements. This plan needs to outline where the child will live, how much child support will be paid, when the other parent will have visitation with the children, who will be responsible for medical and dental care for the child, and school arrangements. The court then reviews this plan and approves or rejects it.

Modifying a Custody Agreement

One parent may find he or she wishes to modify the custody agreement and this will require court approval as well. However, the court will again consider the best interests of the child before approving or denying a modification. Parents need to recognize this and only request a modification when necessary.

Speak to an attorney today to learn more about child custody guidelines in Oklahoma. Every parent should be able to see their children regularly, except in cases of abuse or neglect. In those situations, supervised visitation may be approved. The key is for the children to maintain relationships with both parents, as this allows them to grow to be happy, healthy adults.

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